Scout Camp 2008 Report

Students of AMSB Karachi from classes VI to X have different Club activities every Wednesday, in the last two lessons in the Madrasa, where they learn and perform a variety of activities to ensure better development of their logical, kinesthetic, inter and intra personal skills. From them one of the clubs is scouting, which is conducted by Mr. Javed.

Mr. Javed who has dedicated his life for scouting in Pakistan, undoubtedly has vast experience and expertise in the scouting field. Hence our young scouts of Class VII were very fortunate to have him, attended the scout club session this year from 14th to 16th March 2008, wherein they performed different activities and learned diverse techniques of survival and practical use in daily lives.

To further their training and learning a scout’s camp was arranged at the Sindh Boy’s Scout Association Camp site in Gulistan e Johar. The students were accompanied by three Muraqebeens, (Mu. Quaid Johar bhai, Mu. Abbas bhai and Mu. Ahmad bhai) and enjoyed the camping adventure, away from home, for two days and two nights. Few parents visited the camp fire which was scheduled on Saturday night on 15th March 2008 and were amazed to see their children performing outstanding skits.

AMSB Al Masool Janab Sk Mustafa Bhai Jack and sports in-charge Zohair Bhai Inayat visited to inspect the camp site on Sunday 16th March 2008, where officials, Muraqebeen and students gave them a warm welcome. The camp packed up on Sunday afternoon and students returned home after a great learning experience, in the school van.