Science Congress

Gibb ut Tahiyaat il Aaliyaat wat Taslimaat il Mutalaleyaat

Fi Khidmat e Idara til Madares is Saifiya til Burhaniyah

Science Congress is a regular feature of Al Madrasa’s calendar. It is held every year to provide our students an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge, do some research work, develop their oral as well as written presentation skills and learn to work as a team.

For the academic year 2004-2005 Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Karachi planned to organize an Inter School Science Congress with an objective of preparing our students for national level Science Fairs. Araz for Raza Mubarak and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS was forwarded to Idara by Al Masool.

Students from Classes V to X (Upper Primary and Secondary Sections) participated in the Science Congress. Before summer vacations students formed groups and each group was handed over the ‘Project Guidelines’, which contained step-by-step guide for preparing the science project.

After vacations each group was allotted a supervisor teacher to guide and supervise them. Each group was given a copy of rules and regulations, a list of things to do and an Entry form.

Invitation letter for schools was prepared and sent to fifteen renowned schools of Karachi. Badri High School and Karachi Public School participated. Four other schools consented to participate but backed out later.

Projects were divided into three levels according to students’ grade.

Level I: Class V – VI
Level II: Class VII – VIII
Level III: Class IX – X

Two rehearsals were conducted before the final day. Senior teachers and HoS internally consented to be judges of the students’ projects.

Science Association of Pakistan (SAP), which is an NGO working for the promotion of science education and training of science teachers, was contacted, for providing judges. Mrs Farah Huma, Chairperson of SAP, with two members from her organization, Ms Rehana Batool and Mr Shahid Pervaiz. Sh Ghulam Abbas Bhai Cycle wala, a chemical engineer, and Sh Quraish Bhai, IB Coordinator for Al Jamea tus Saifiyah were also requested to volunteer as judges.

On 20th August 2004, 5th Rajab ul Asab Friday, students were ready with their display by 1:30 pm. There were fifty-eight projects on display. Fifty-two projects were from Madrasa and six from other schools. The display was organized on the ground floor of primary and secondary building.

Judges arrived at 2:30 pm. Al Masool and Science Congress Coordinator gave them briefing about the judgement criteria. Judgment started at 3:00 pm and it took almost three hours to judge all the projects. The judges were quite impressed by the creativity and hard work of the students. Sh Ghulam Abbas Bhai and Sh Quraish Bhai had also been the judges for the 1st Science Congress 2000 and their comments were that they found a marked improvement in students’ confidence and language.

Following were the written comments of the Judges:

Mrs Fara Huma (Chairperson of SAP)
“ It’s a wonderful opportunity to observe the students and to understand that how students receive scientific knowledge. Congrats to management and teachers in organizing such an event.”

Ms Rehana Batool (Member of SAP)
“ An excellent piece of work by the students and teachers. These types of activities should be carried out to give boost or enthusiasm to the student. Management deserves a pat on their back.”

Mr Shahid Pervaiz (Member of SAP)
“ It is an excellent science exhibition in which Islamic and Scientific concepts are mixed smartly and intelligently. All the students and teachers who worked for them are excellent. I congratulate all of them.

Sh Quraish Bhai (Ustaz ul Jamea, IB Coordinator)
“ Congratulations to all the students and teachers for an excellent science exhibition. The hard work of the teachers and students shows in the choice of project and ideas. Thank you.”

Sh Ghulam Abbas Bhai Cycle wala (Chemical Engineer, from Aayaan ul Jamaat)
“ It is the exhibition of science progress in Islamic teaching. Teachers and participants need to be congratulated on the pain-taking project. Some of the projects were seen for the first time. It seems children are given a real free hand, even a project like DNA was put, and children gave positive answer in the light of Islamic teaching. Keep it up. Thank you.

On 21st of August, 6th Rajab ul Asab 1425 H at 11:15 am Janab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb, Chairman of Al Madrasa Managing Committee, performed Iftitah of Science Congress by Tilawat ul Quran and ribbon cutting ceremony. On the soft board near the entrance Aqa Moula’s photographs showing Moula’s interest and love for nature were displayed with the title “Khilqat Khuda ni goya Khuda no Kitab che….”. A route map was displayed near the entrance. Three halls were created in the ground floor area and projects of same level were displayed in one hall. One dark room was created for light related projects. Janab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb viewed all projects with keen interest.

Science Congress was open till 6:00 pm. There was a continuous flow of parents and other invitees through-out the day. The PTA arranged food stalls. At 5:30 pm prize-giving ceremony was held at Al Madrasa’s ground. Janab Sh Mohammed Bhai Peti wala, Amil Saheb Shabbirabad B Block, accompanied by some Asateza tul Jamea presided over the ceremony. A large number of parents and visitors gathered in the Madrasa ground. All students were requested to assemble in the ground. Al Masool Janab Sh Mustafa Bhai Jack appreciated the day and night efforts of all students involved in the preparation of Science Congress and thanked all staff members for making this event a success. The Science Congress Coordintor M.Shamuil Bhai announced the results. Janab Sh Mohammed Bhai gave the prizes and certificates to the winning groups. All participating students of other schools were presented a memorandum. At 6:00 pm students winded up their projects.

Be Hamdillah e Taala wa be Dua e Waliyyehi Inter School Science Congress 2004 was a great success. It has definitely boosted and built up Madrasaas image. We pray that may Allah Taala grant us Taufeeq and Yaari to perform Moulana’s Khidmat and attain his Rida Mubarak. May Allah grant Aqa Moula a long, healthy and prosperous life till Yaum e Qamat. Ameen.