Schoolathon 2020

The much anticipated finals of Schoolathon 2020 had finally arrived and the days for which the students had practiced tirelessly day in and day out were now here. Participants were ready to take on the competition that lay ahead.

Hopes and dreams sparkled in their eyes as they gazed at the Schoolathon 2020 trophy that beamed in the sunlight before them.

The following seven sister schools prepared to compete amongst each other:

  1. MSB Shabbirabad
  2. MSB Haidery
  3. Saifiyah Boys High School
  4. Saifiyah Girls High School
  5. Hakimi School
  6. Husamiyah School
  7. Badri High School

The finals took place at Al Nadil Al Burhani over a span of three consecutive days starting from Friday January 10th till Sunday January 12th, 2020. Al Hadd ul Anjab ul Asad Janab Saifuddin bhaisaheb bin Shehzada Abbas bhaisaheb inaugurated the event. The event began adhering to our traditions with tilawatul Quran and recitation of marasiyah and madeh by our students.

Students participated in their respective events tirelessly and relentlessly. Each gave their best performance with their spirits remaining high regardless of the outcome. They were not only competing amongst each other but against their own limits, striving to break their own records.

During this event, we saw the vision of our beloved Maula Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS) being instilled into our students. Just as He states:

The purest form of competitive spirit is one in which you seek to better yourself; you become your own opponent. The highest ideals for which to compete are those that take one to the proximity of our Awliyaullah and their humanity.

(exercpt taken from the reflections of 1440H, second waaz mubarak.)

MSB Shabbirabad secured third position amongst the seven schools. Our winners brought home the following medals and trophies:

Games Gender Medals
Junior Archery Boys & Girls Silver, Bronze
Junior Athletics Boys 2 Gold, 2 Bronze
Senior Athletics Boys 1 Bronze
Table Tennis Boys Bronze
Cricket Boys Bronze
Volleyball Boys Bronze
Junior Archery Girls Silver, Bronze
Table Tennis Girls Bronze
Senior Athletics Girls 1 Gold, 2 Bronze
Volleyball Girls Gold
Gold Silver Bronze
4 2 11

We look forward to participating in the Schoolathon of year 2021 with even more vigour and zest!