Say “NO” To Moharramaat Walk

29th March 2013

Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS)’s message against moharamaat to Momineen worldwide has struck both and young and old with great vigor. Everyone within the community is busy spreading this powerful message in innovative ways to reach each.

MSB Shabbirabad, organized a walk on 29 March 2013 for the Class V students where the students carried banners and placards with ANTI- Tobacco, Sheesha, Pan and Gutka statements . It was an eye opening walk conducted by the students as part of War Against Moharammat Campaign. The walk showed a mission to cleanse the society of the harmful elements that destroys our well-being. Banners and placards were made by children themselves.

The response was very positive. The people from neighbouring houses came out and showed their appreciation towards this great civic movement displayed by the young ones. It was over whelming to see commuters stop and get off their cars to applaud and encourage our students. People were also seen stubbing their cigarettes upon realization of the importance of this powerful message.

The community at large is presently working towards cleansing its people from all kinds of muharramaat and such an activity gives a clear vision to our children for the future, and inspires elders to learn from them and improve their life by quitting prevalent unhealthy habits.