Rasulullah (SAW) States: ‘Barakat Lies With Your Elders’

In this fast-paced modernized world today where there is more interaction over phones, tablets and laptop screens rather than meeting and connecting the traditional way, the teachings of our Maula (TUS) keep us grounded and focused on what truly matters. Reverence for elders and ‘silatu rehem’ is one of them.

On Friday November 29th, 2019, in light of Rasulullah’s (SAW) Hadith Mubarak and Maula’s (TUS) farman e aali, the students of AlMadrasa invited their elders, grandparents and parents, to come together and celebrate their significance in our society today.

Our respective guests were given a warm welcome at the gate with an escort of AlMadrasa’s band preceding them. A rose was given to each guest at the Evan e Mufaddal entrance as a token of love and respect. Guests of honour Al Haddul Anjabul Asa’d Janab Younus bhaisaheb, Al Ustaz Al Mohataram Janab Sh. Husain bhai Jessarwala, Al Mohtaram Sh. Mustansir bhai Poonawala and Al Mohtarama Farida bai Tawwawala took the stage to lead the event.

The programme began with Tilawatul Quran al Majeed on the topic of ‘birul waledain’ followed by an enlightening speech given by our guests of honour. Students of AlMadrasa recited a specialized nasheed in honour of their respective guests and touched their hearts with its heartfelt words and sweet melody.

The excitement continued with a fruit cutting competition amongst a set of four grandfathers and two grandmothers that volunteered from the audience who regularly cut fruit in the house for their families. Each were given a pomegranate to test their skills and see who could cut, peel and have it ready to eat the fastest!

Next came a test for the students where they were blindfolded and told to recognize their grandparent through salam, only using their sense of touch. Those who did salam regularly rightfully won and came out on top!

Our elders are not only young at heart but also still young and fit enough to lead a session of karate. That’s right, you read that correctly! A grandfather from the audience being a black belt himself, led a live session for the students as well as other grandfathers who were eager to participate.

There is no gesture that may do justice to what our elders have done and still do for us today and the barakat which they bring into our lives. All we can do is to make them feel special in some way or the other daily and keep them at the top of our lists in our prayers.

So, as a token of appreciation, the students of AlMadrasa presented our guests of honour with AlMadrasa’s signature shields as an award of reverence highlighting Rasulullah’s (SAW) Hadith Mubarak: ‘Barakat lies with your elders.’

The programme came to an end with sweet smiles throughout the crowd and ice cream cones in their hands to add to their sweetness!