Quran Ibtida Of Class 1

1st Feb 2011

The setting for the Ta’leem of Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed to commence was befittingly the Evan Mubarak of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah where all clad in their best outfits, boys in crisp white and girls in red, with rose garlands and mehendi on their little hands, arrived for a moment long awaited. Al-Farqad-ul-Azhar Syedi Hussain Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb, who world renowned qaaris distinguish as “HOSARI- UL -HIND”, initiated the ta’leem of Al-Qur’an,by leading the students into recitation of Surat-ul-Fateha with prior raza and dua Mubarak from Aqa Moula (TUS). Syedi Saheb performed dua that may Allah grant these little souls tawfeeq to learn to recite the Qur’an as well as memorize it. He also graciously accepted “Najwa-us-Shukur” that the students had brought for Aqa Moula (TUS). Parents, teachers and students left Al-Jamea, fulfilled and yet with wishes, hopes and aspiration in every heart.