Queen Lear Play By Class VIII

On Monday 29th March 2010, the students of Class VIII, under the leadership of the Academic Coordinator Rashida ben Haji, guidance of the Literature teacher Maryam Ben Sadriwala, and assistance from the Language teacher Zainab ben Anjarwalla, put up a play titled ‘Queen Lear.”

This was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famous tragic play “King Lear.’ The play was inspired from Aqa Maula’s TUS Bayaan Mubarak which was delivered on 6th Moharram this year at Marol, which advised all momineen to care for their parents as they are the ones responsible for our upbringing. Any momin who does not obey his parents will never be obeyed by his children.

The performance started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s RA Naseehat. It was followed by the enactment of Queen Lear where the students put up a breathtaking performance, delivering dialogues in fluent and flawless English with intense emotions. The large and vibrant backdrop was also painted by the students themselves, along with the sound effects which they chose which added life and flavour to the performance.

The play ended on the interpretation of Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s TUS Bayan and Madeh.

The participants were applauded warmly and lauded for their talent, hard work and meticulous dedication. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience consisting of Al Masool, staff and students of classes V to IX O Level.

Al Masool Sk Mustafa Bhai Jack suggested Rashidaben Haji to organize the same play in front of Parents on the up coming Open Day.

Our sincere gratitude to the ICT department and Management faculty for their keen support.