Science Exhibition

Science Congress is a regular feature of Al Madrasa’s calendar. It is held every year to provide our students with an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge, do some research work, develop their oral as well as written presentation skills and learn to work as a team.

For the academic year 05-06 Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Karachi planned to organize Science Exhibition for the Primary section. In previous years only Upper Primary and Secondary section students participated, therefore it was decided that this year Primary section would participate.

The Science Exhibition was scheduled on 25th of March. The planning and preparation started before Moharram. For each class a theme was selected from their syllabus. The teachers researched the topics thoroughly and discussed them in their respective classes. The experiments and hands on activities were performed so that students have thorough understanding of their topics. Simultaneously a team of Muraqebeen was working on selecting a Muntalaq Islami concept for each theme. It is the uniqueness of Al Madrasa that science concepts are taught with Islamic stand point. The visitors always acknowledge and appreciate this unique feature of our Science Congress.

In last two weeks before Science Exhibition the work on models and backdrop display started. Arts and PT periods were utilized for this purpose. The display was to be held in Tilawat ud Dua Hall. Each project was assigned a 12 ft display space. On Thursday 23rd March backdrops were set and on Friday final touches were given. Several rehearsals were carried out in order to attain perfection. A welcome board with Aqa Moula’s Kalemaat Nooraniyah regarding Tafakkur in Khilqat was prepared. A route map was displayed near the entrance.

On Saturday 25th March, Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb Mohiyuddin, arrived at Al Madrasa for the opening ceremony. Bhaisab was welcomed by Al Masool Sk Mustafa Bhai Jack and the Management. The Iftitah was performed with Tilawat ul Quraan il Majeed. Bhaisaheb observed all projects with keen interest and asked questions to several students. Bhaisaheb was impresses by the confidence showed by the young students in giving briefing about their projects.

Following are the titles of projects in order of their display:

Project Title Class
Animal Kingdom IVB
Plants IIA
Magnets IIIA
Seasons IA (Monsoon Class I Haidery)
Flowers IIB
Pollution IB
Electricity IIIB
Floating and Sinking VB
Human Body IVA
Simple Machines VA

There was a continuous flow of parents, students and other visitors throughout the five hours of exhibition timings. Asateza Kiraam from Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Principal and teachers from Haq Foundation School, Hilchrist School and Suffah School also visited the exhibition.

Mrs Unaeza Alvi and Mrs Surrayya Yousufi, who are currently working with Al Madrasa in reviewing and restructuring its science curriculum and training science faculty, were also in our visitors list. They are senior faculty of SAP (Science Association of Pakistan), an association of AKU-IED. They keenly observed each project and asked critical questions to assess students understanding of the concepts. They appreciated the hard work done by teachers in preparing students.

The following are the comments of our eminent guests:

Janab Naeem Bahisaheb Mohiyuddin

“Very Well done. The children were full of confidence”.

Mrs Unaeza Alvi (Science and Environment Educator AKU-IED)

“It was a wonderful experience and opportunity to observe the application of sciences. We really appreciate and congratulate you in making a good effort and taking an initiative in engaging young students in the application of science. It is very important that young learners are involved in such activities. Very well presented, researched. I highly appreciate the teacher’s effort and the linkages made with our religion. The teacher’s effort, hard work, and understanding was very evident.”

Mrs Suraiya Yousufi (General Secretary SAP AKU-IED)

“I really enjoyed attending science exhibition organized by the school. Young scientists’ efforts are excellent. Selection of topics and the way they were presented is quite amazing. Students were confidently explaining and trying to answer the question. In one case I found that when one child was unable to answer he asked the teacher and came back to us and explained it. It is evidence of students’ intrinsic motivation and also teacher’ great interest to enable their students to understand and explain the concept.
I appreciate the use of low cost/ no cost material in each stall. Students were enthusiastic and teachers were also excited and I observed happiness on their faces when they observed their students explaining confidently and facing the public without any fear. Students were also very well aware of the application of these concepts in their daily life. Excellent work all the teachers and students. Keep it up! Arrange more exhibitions to explore young scientist’ scientific knowledge.”

Sh Qaizar Bhai Sh Younus Bhai (Treasurer MSB Educational Trust)

“Young children of classes I & V demonstrated an amazing amount of knowledge about science and its concepts. They spoke with confidence and understanding. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team including Al Masool, Section Head, Teachers and specially the Students on putting together a fairly high quality science exhibition.”

Be Hamdillah e Taala wa be Dua e Waliyyehi the Science Exhibition was a great success. It has definitely boosted and built up Madrasa’s image. We pray that may Allah Taala grant us Taufeeq and Yaari to perform Moulana’s Khidmat and attain his Rida Mubarak. May Allah grant Aqa Moula a long, healthy and prosperous life till Yaum e Qamat. Ameen.