Pre-Primary Section Learn About Hajj

As the sacred days of Hajj were approaching us and hajj related activities were to take place throughout the school, our young MSBians were not forgotten in our endeavours. In fact, on Thursday 8th August 2019, the first Hajj activity took place with them.

Students began their journey learning the importance of seeking raza mubarak from Hazrat Aaliyah before embarking on their trip. They wore the ehram with excitement and intrigue, fascinated with the Hajj display set before them. It included a model of Baitullah, Mina and Arafa.

The selected students were guided through these sets while the rest of the Pre-Primary section observed intently.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the zabihat display while learning about the necessary steps of qurbani.

It was yet another fun-filled day of interactive learning for our little ones!