Pre- Primary Celebrate Earth Day

22nd April 2014

Mother earth renders the human race enough reason to be grateful for. HuzureAala (TUS) emphatically on several occasions has stated the importance of a clean environment. The Pre-Primary section projected the importance of the environment in their own little ways through a stage program to commemorate earth day. The nurseries had worked meticulously upon the backdrop for many a days and had put up the most beautiful scene with their little hands.

The celebrations began with tilawat e Qur’an e Majeed by the Prep I’s which was followed by the recitation of Imam Hussain (AS)’s Marasi shareefa also by the prep I’s.

The memories of Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (RA)’s ehsanaat reverberated in the evaan as Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa (TUS)’s rasaa filled the evaan in the sweet voices of the Prep II girls.

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa (TUS)’s directives were portrayed through an interesting and informative news telecast by the Prep II’s.

The long awaited final round of the reading competition amongst the prep I’s was next in line. The competition progressed and continued with a stiff competition until a tie breaking round between the first and second positions

The world is a global village and the borders may divide the land but finds the human race united and close knit was a concept that the Prep I’s shared with patriotism and love for their country and mother earth at large through a poem.

The prep II’s shared a precious lesson of how little hands together can do so much through the enactment of a story they’d heard in class about saving the old apple tree.

The students received their well earned certificates from Al-Masool Sh Ammar Bhai

Any event would remain incomplete without the recitation of Moula’s madeh therefore the Prep II’s recited verses of ghanu jeewo, ghanu jeewo in their mellifluous voices.

This earth day left parents and our little earthlings enriched and joyous upon their shared partnership.