Pre Primary And Primary Section’s Annual Sports Day, 2019

Ready, Steady, Go!!…..

The energetic athletes of Pre primary and Primary sections celebrated the annual sports day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Following the fermaan of Aqa Moula TUS regarding buzurgo, Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiya-Tul-Burhaniyah organized a grand sports event with invitation cards holding mommies and grandmothers names.

Unlike the usual, while mothers actively participated as audience the grannies were brought onto the tracks to participate along with their grandchildren.

Every class had minimum two races to prepare. We made it a point to make each and every child participate. The races were integrated with three main concepts.

It began with the tehenyat araz in different styles. Hadya wrapping, sharbat making and najwa envelopes were well decorated by students and artistic grannies. The beautiful Bond and partnership between the grandmothers and grandchildren held the audience in an awe.

Second in line were track events based on the counsels of Maula Ali (as) which he bestowed upon imam Hassan. Standies of evils and the good depicted the lessons brilliantly.

The third genre of races revolved around the theme of fostership. The sight of little ones offering help to their grannies with sticks and bags indeed melted hearts.

The final thrill was observed when teachers and mommies were called for a tug of war where the latter managed to secure all the pats.

However, along with the tremendous efforts by the teachers students and the organizers, let’s spare a few words of appreciation for the crisp weather that undoubtedly added to the event’s undeniable success.

You reap what you sow. This was well proven by the results of the event. Indeed the event was a talk of the Town for days.