Parents Workshop 2010

A milestone achieved by MSB this Academic session was the organizing for the first time ever, a workshop solely for parents on Wednesday 31st March 2010.

Mr Salman Siddiqui the Director of ERDC is renowned and well versed in conducting workshops for all genres of people, he was persuaded to carry out the session on “Five Holistic Dimensions of Parenting” in MSB.

Initially a circular was sent to parents and about 40-45 parents showed interest, but on the D day about 30 parents attended the workshop.

The reflections from parents after the session were heart warming. We quote a few:-

  • ”We wish that you would have held such a session 10 years ago and our as well as our children’s personality would have been different”
  • “Please do continue having such activities regularly”
  • “We have become aware of so many thing which before we had ignored , thinking them to be insignificant”
  • “We are really thankful to MSB for having taking the trouble to organize such an excellent workshop”

In the end we hope that the next session is held on the insistent of parents and that the attendees are manifold , so that together we can make a positive difference in a the life of our children.

May Allah grant our Maula who is our Spiritual Parent a long happy and healthy life till fountains of knowledge flourish on Earth Ameen.