Parent Teachers’ Meet In The Pre-Primary

27th Oct 2011


Childhood is a period when the reception level within a child is so refined, that everything he learns in this period is life long learning as Ameeril  Momineen Moulana Ali (AS) states

وانما مثل الاداب تجمعها
في عنفوان الصبا كالنقش في الحجر

(The paradigm of etiquette that is acquired in childhood is like an etching in stone.)
The focus in education today, is towards promoting a partnership between parents and teachers, where both share a cooperative relationship to provide the child with optimal learning opportunities.

To promote this close partnership, on 26th & 27th October 2011 the Prep I and Prep II parents filed into MSB to discuss their child’s progress and get acquainted to ways of helping their child learn better.

The discussions evolved around the delivery of the secular as well as the Uloom Diniyah curriculum with nurturance as a pivotal point.

The time that the parents waited was turned into a pleasant waiting time as they busied themselves with the handout provided. The contents of which were “A Good Parent Test”, names of phonic sites and a page to help their child with writing formation.

The parents left the MSB premises with a closer bonding with their child and certainly better prepared to help the child.