Our Country Our Pride!

While the stage kept waiting the show had already begun! As we teachers stood by the corridor to welcome our little patriots, chin up and bone straight entered our junior Quaid e Azam flaunting his black shiny sherwani while his tender fingers kept fixing the famous Jinnah cap. Before we could get our eyes off him, marching in came our mini soldier who made sure that his practiced walk was well noticed by all. No wonder we were all caught by a sudden adrelanine rush!

The proud teachers exhibited high spirits and children carried patriotic zest, all the supportive parents stepped along to create an overwhelming atmosphere filled with true love, hope and enthusiasm. To add to the entire feel the backdrop played a major role. The display of different provincial identities inclusive of the exclusive hyderabadi ralli work quilt to the intricately designed Sindhi ajrak very well depicted the cultural diversity that our homeland offers.

And the program begins….

After our dear Shireen Ben welcomed the audience at the podium, the Juniors ruled the stage! It began with tilawatul Quran by Mohammed Jamali in his soulful voice followed by the recitation of qasida and marasya by our young zakereen and zakeraat.

‘Ittehad mai barkat’

Next a short skit was performed by students of class 1 to endorse the power of unity. All of them absolutely sounded as sweet as honey while they smoothly delivered their dialogues in Urdu.

Moving on to represent different national and provincial indenties, came up on stage the two separate groups from class 1-A. Where the Balochi, Sindhi and pathan Bhai took all the pride in boasting about their cultures , the little Punjabi aunty would not miss a moment.

Quaid se Batein…

This was based on the fundamental law of change.

Be the change that you want to see in others and around you. This part was performed by the students of class 1-B. Here while the citizens ranted about the dirt and filth they saw around, the Quaid stepped in to remind them of their powerful chants of ‘pehla Qadam tum uthao’. And that’s how we witnessed an instant change!

Before we move any further let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that the performers were not only well versed and rehearsed but each of them seemed to enjoy their stage time to the fullest. The giggles and their wiggles in between kept the mood light and the audience bright throughout!

Historical leaders and the armed forces …

Then came the time to offer tribute to all the historical leaders and armed forces of our land by Fs2-B. A miniature version of Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, Imran Khan and many other legends came on stage with relatable getups to speak about their great efforts made for Pakistan.

Saanjhi apni khushyaa….

As we moved towards the end, the energy around flew up to its height! Hand raised to clap, melodious voice sang when children of Fs2- A excecuted a brilliant tablo on a national song ‘is parcham k saaye tale hum aik hai hum aik hai’. Undeniably, this secured the title of the showstopper for the event.

Concluding with the national anthem and wazeefa tus shukar we all bid a goodbye to the Independence day bash.

Bravo! To all the teachers and children who worked super hard to pull off such a memorable event!