Orientaion Meet In The Pre-Primary

10th August 2012

A circular inviting Pre-Primary parents to a virtual tour of MSB had the parents waiting excitedly to come and share their childs learning. The parents enthusiastically strode into the premises of Evaan e Mufaddal early on Tuesday morning.

The meeting commenced with Tilawat-e-Qur’an e Majeed and the recitation of verses from Ya Syed-us Shohadaii and Fulk ul Hussain.

The Academic Co ordinator warmly welcomed the parents after which aptly the orientation commenced with HuzureAala (TUS)’s kalemaat that he had rendered during MSBs Silver Jubilee celebrations in Nairobi.

A Senior Muraquib in the Pre Primary walked the parents through the dissemination of the uloom diniyah curriculum.

The Head of Section for Pre-Primary acquainted the parents about the overall system of education and informed parents about the routines that we at MSB follow.

A Muraquibah dealing with the Pre-Primary familiarized the parents about the uniqueness of MSB and its program of tarbiyat to nurture and produce children worthy of the address by HuzureAala (TUS) as “maaru Aainda nu lashkar”.

The meeting came to a closure with a hope to have yet another year of success with our dedicated staff, parental co-operation at all times under the saya Mubarak of our beloved Moula(TUS) and His continous nazaraat.