Open Day Presentation – Upper Primary & Secondary Vision & Goals

To impart quality education to achieve academic excellence, enlightened awareness and knowledge of Islam and strong value base.

Mission Functions
Imparting knowledge.

  • Lesson planning (clear aims/objectives)
  • Classroom teaching (learning by doing method)
  • Additional teaching
  • Evaluation (assessments / examinations)
  • Progress monitoring (reading charts, monthly tests, marks indexes)
  • Integrated syllabus
  • Development of language skills

Character building.

  • Discipline
  • Manners
  • Participation
  • Attitudes

Enhancement of In-born skills.

  • Co-curricular activities (sports, art & craft, competitions etc.)
  • Leadership programme (prefect system/class monitors)
  • School functions (annual sports, educational trips, religious/national celebrations)

Class Library
Today’s Reader is
Tomorrow’s Leader 

A class library or story corner is introduced in classes I – IV. Parents have contributed books for this purpose and are again requested to send more books to enhance our class collection.

Reading Program
To develop and inculcate interest for reading through various activities. This will then lead to the enhancement of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


  • Number of books read by each student would be recorded.
  • Badges would be awarded in the morning assembly on Fridays.

Vocabulary Enrichment Program
Class Dictionaries

  • Letter of the week
  • Word of the day
  • Sentence of the day

Merry Mix
A blend of Academics & Inborn Skills

Morning presentations
Every Friday students of the primary section(level wise) give a presentation in the form of information sharing, speeches, role pays, quiz, tableau, reading and recitation of essays and poetry written by the students themselves.

Activity Calendar

1 Read-a-thon a a a
2 Spell-a-thon a a a a
3 Creative Writing a a a a
4 Poetry Elocution a a
5 Quiz Competition a a a a
6 Speech Competition a a
7 Maths Quiz a a
8 Science Congress a
9 Sports Competition a
10 Monthly Test a a a a a a
11 Field Trips a a a
12 P.T. Meeting/Arts Exhibition a a
13 Historical Days a a a a a a a a
14 Pets Day a

Marking Scheme
As per the Madrasa policy the marking scheme is as follows:

  • 40% term marks
  • 60% exam marks

Prefect System
Ten students from classes IV-A & IV-B would be selected as PREFECTS

Criteria for selection :

  • Good conduct
  • Well versed in English
  • Regular and punctual to school
  • Courteous
  • Good academic performance
  • Impressive general appearance
  • Loyal to school
  • Sense of responsibility

Lesson Diary

  • Strong communication between the parents and teachers results in the better development of the child.
  • To facilitate this communication, the teachers will use lesson diaries effectively. Parents are requested to check lesson diaries on regular basis.