Open Day Presentation – Science Congress


  • To make the students climb out of the text book and discover science for themselves.
  • To develop creativity and scientific attitude.
  • To relate and apply relevant scientific knowledge to their project.
  • To develop use of oral English in expressing themselves confidently and intelligently.
  • To prepare students for participation in National Level Science Fair.


  • This year it will be held in March 2006.

It will be held in two phases:

  • Phase I: Class I – VII on 17th March 06.
  • Phase II: Class VIII – X on 26th March 06..

Inter Class Competition

  • Primary SectionClasses I & IV will organize science project displays on different themes assigned by the teachers.
  • Best Class will be awarded the prize.


Inter House Competition

  • Upper Primary Section Classes V – VII will form groups according to their houses.
  • Each House will be assigned a theme.”.
  • Best House will be awarded the prize.

Inter School Competition

  • Secondary Section Classes VIII & X will compete with other participating schools.
  • Students will be free to make their own choice.
  • Best School will be awarded the prize.

Keys to Success

  • Clear scientific concepts.
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Well researched written report.
  • Well prepared explanation &
  • Well organized display.