Open Day Presentation – Pre Primary Vision & Goals


  • To promote integrated and child centered learning with hands on experiences at MSB.
  • At The Heart Of The Educational Process Lies The Child -(Plow den)


To stimulate and motivate children towards developing lively and enquiring mind and to develop their full potential.

Planning at a glance

August September October – December January – May
Climate setting, peer observation session, document for pupil performance
In-service training, guiding staff towards improvement.
Monitoring and mentoring, formative evaluation. Setting up further revised targets
Monitoring progress, guidance , summative evaluation.

Our Expectations

  • Students comprehend & speak clear, simple English.
  • Read neon signs, sight words and variety of other reading material.
  • Their skills are well developed.
  • Their attitudes towards learning and life are positive.
  • They learn with understanding and integrate it with the real life.


  • Knowledge.
  • Skills.
  • Personality Development


  • Power Of Words: A language rich environment.
  • I Am To Read: Daily 10 minutes Pre-Reading session
  • Colourful World Of Presentation: Weekly assembly presentation on a given topic.
  • Eye Catcher: Setting up reading corners, story corners in classrooms.
  • Fun To Learn: Activities for developing fine motor skills.
  • Young Investigators: Planning and setting up action tables.
  • Pick And Tick Activities for developing skills of observing, ordering, grouping and sorting.
  • I Am The Best Discipline Committee-Rules to be implemented.
  • Grow, Glow And Go: Hygiene Is Health-Daily cleanliness checks.

Activity Calendar

  1. Open Days
  2. Field Trips
  3. Art Exhibition
  4. Sports Day
  5. Pets Parade
  6. Butterfly
  7. Flower Competition

Lets join hands to shape our children’s future in harmony and cooperation.