Open Day Presentation – Educational Camp


    • Tarbiyat in different environment.
    • Tafakkur in Allah’s Khilqat.
    • Develop spiritual, moral and social aspects of personality.
    • Learn and apply Ahkam of Shariat.
    • Practical knowledge and First hand experiences.
    • Learn about different customs and cultures.
    • Apply attained knowledge in real life situation.
    • Be independent, co-operative and caring


Educational Camp 2005

  • This year the city selected for Camp is known as the “Fruit Basket of Pakistan that is Quetta and Ziarat”.
  • And the classes selected are Class VIIIA, VIIIB and VIII O Levels.


  • The camp is scheduled in the third week of September, which is the most appropriate season to visit Quetta.
  • It will be a six-day trip starting from 18th Sept and ending on 23rd Sept. Inshallah.

Some Places of Interest

  • Museum of Geological Survey of Pakistan
  • Hanna Lake
  • Urak Valley
  • Jabal e Noor
  • Juniper Forests of Ziarat
  • Prospect Point
  • Quaid e Azam Residency.