Open Day Presentation – Achievement

The following Academic Achievements were made in the Academic year of 2004-2005.
Uloom Arabia

  • Hifzul Quran il Majid
  • Baramij Ilmiya
  • Azhar ul Mawasim
  • Tarbiyat

O Levels
To keep abreast with the ever increasing demand we have initiated the O level examination system from Class VIII onwards.
SSC Results
SSC Result at a glance:

Year > 80% (A+) 70 – 79% (A) 60 – 69% (B) < 60% (C) Total Students
2001 2 7 2 11
2002 2 8 4 2 16
2003 2 6 5 1 14
2004 4 11 2 1 18
2005 5 8 5


Reading Material

  • Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) series.(Pre Primary Section)
  • Read a thon.(Primary Section)
  • ‘Excellence in Language through Reading’. (Upper Primary & Secondary Section)


  • The management, Al Masool and staff worked effectively together to provide a conducive learning environment.
  • Highly qualified experienced staff is hired.

Training Workshops
Teachers attended variety of workshops organized by the following institutes:

  • TDC (Teachers Development Center)
  • TRC (Teachers Resource Center)
  • ERDC (Educational Resource Development Center)
  • Intel (Computer Training Programme)
  • In-house Training Workshops

Innovative Ventures
Versatile Projection Programme

A versatile programme was presented to the elite members of the community to make them aware of the uniqueness of MSB.

Launching of MSB website
A Historical Landmark was the launching of Al Madrasaa’s website on Yaum ul Mabas.
Educational Enrichment Programme
EEP was conducted in the month of May – 05, using attractive worksheets, presentations, games, educational movies and excursions, to strengthen the basic core subjects like L/D, Eng, Urdu, Maths and Science.
Increase in Time
The increased timings from ten lessons to twelve daily, brought about excellent results as the quality of learning and teaching became more focused and receptive.