One More Feather In The MSB’s Cap Shabbirabad

By the grace of Allah Taala and the Dua Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula TUS a student of Al Madrasa Karachi from class VI Murtaza Mu Mustafa Mandvi wala won the 3rd Position in the International Qiraat competition held in Surat after the Zikra Miqaat 1429 (H).

Murtaza was selected at the Mohalla level during Aqa Moula’s 97th Milaad where he won the top position at the Pakistan level. Then he had opportunity to represent Pakistan at the Jamiat level and was invited to attend Zikra at Surat.

Around 52 finalist from all around the world reached Surat to participate in this event . After a tough semifinal round which lasted for 4hrs 30 mnts, 5 students were selected for the grand finale, Where Murtaza achieved the 3rd position. Burhanpur and Surat respectively stood 1st and 2nd.

It is a great achievemnt and was possible only due to Aqa Moula’s Nazaraat and Dua Mubarak.

On behalf of MSB Management,I convey my heartiest Mubarakbadi to Murtaza, his parents, his teachers and all those who have supported him in this regard.

May Allah Taala grant our Moula a long, healthy and properous life till the day of Qayaamat. Aameen.