Off To The ZOO!

21st & 22nd March 2012

Hurrah!A trip to the ZOO!!!!yes that’s what the circular read. The excitement built from the day of the announcement and mounted each day as the consent letters for the trip reached back duly filled, the next day.

The uniqueness here at MSB is that before embarking upon any project however minute or large, the tradition and culture of taking out Nazrul Maqam (AS) and giving sadaqa is never overlooked.

The students all geared for their day at the zoo clambered into the waiting vehicles along with a team of our dedicated teachers set off for this “Fun n Learn” expedition to draw their learning on the Animal Kingdom to a close yet opening many avenues of understanding.

The students were greeted and welcomed by the trumpeting elephants and from there on the students stared in amazement at the wallaby, the black grizzly bear, the ferocious lion who had an air of “don’t mess with me” about him as he let out a ferocious roar. The twin humped camel seemed to take little notice of the children as she busied herself with the meticulous training of her new calf, to walk. The proud peacock stood as if on a stage in the limelight making a fine display of colours that sparkled in her perfectly fanned feathers. The colourful birds,the lazy crocodiles basking away in the sun, the tortoise, the fish aquarium, the porcupines, the Bengal tigers, the black and white striped beauties, the ponies and all the other animals filled the students with excitement.

The students joys knew no bounds as they were allowed to feed the ducks and the monkeys.

The students hunger and thirst also seemed to rise with their excitement. So they settled down on the lovely grass to have their snack after which they rushed into the museum where more surprises awaited. the museum was a display of many animals that were now extinct and they were amazed to see the gigantic ostrich egg which until today had just been a myth they had heard.

The students excitedly climbed back into their vans wanting to reach home and fill their loved ones with the excitement of the day!