Our children are our most treasured possessions and it is but natural for parents to want only the very best for their children in every walk of life. Choosing a school for your child is both an exciting and exigent prospect.

After a long spell of pondering and weighing parents finally have to make a decision regarding their child’s school.

Since the 18th of February 2012 MSB has seen anxious parents and tiny tots stride in through the gates of MSB for the admission formalities.

The toddlers busy themselves with the material that instantly catches their eye whilst the parents sit to fill in the questionnaire as well as submit their duly completed forms into the secretary’s office.

The children are then observed as they play and enjoy the enthralling material that lays before them.

The parents then proceed into the Masools office for their interview.

It is a captivating site watching the parents leave the premises hopeful and a wish beating in their heart to see their child’s name on the admission list in this august Madrasa,while the little children are seen starry eyed, with imaginations of coming back into this grandeur once again… MSBIANS.