Noha Wal Aweel Majlis By Pre-Primary Zakereen And Zakeraat

On 18th September 2019, the sun would set and bring upon us the Chehlum of Imam Husain AS. On this day, in honour of these forty days, the students of the Pre-primary Section conducted a Noha wal Aweel Majlis in Ewan e Mufaddal on a well adorned stage with flags of Ya Husain surrounding it, tughras of Panjatan Paak AS hanging over its centre and Rasulullah SAW’s Hadith Mubarak -‘Man Bakaa aw Abkaa aw Tabakaa ala Waladeyal Husaine Wajabat lahul Jannah’- topmost.

Parents waited eagerly in the audience for our little zakereen and zakeraat to take the stage and recite, as children do, purely from the heart.

Students of Raudhatul Atfal began the Majlis with tilawat of Suratul Fateh, Suratul Ikhlas, Suratu Nasr, and Suratul Asar followed by tilawat of Suratu Doha by students of Raudhatul Atfal ul Kibaar.

Next, students of Raudhatul Atfal recited ‘Ya Sayyeda Shohadai’ and ‘Fulkul Husain’ after which students of Raudhatul Atfal ul Kibaar recited shahadat of Maulana Abbas AS and Marasyah Shareefa ‘Huznun Azaaba Jawanehi wa Fuwadi.’

Raudhatul Atfal now took the stage and recited the shahadat of Maulana Ali Akbar AS. Selected points of Imam Husain AS’s Chehlum Mubarak were then delivered by the students of Raudhatul Atfal ul Kibaar followed by a heartfelt recitation of ‘Chalo Ai Piyara Azizo Chalo’ by them.

Deeply touched, hearts filled with the grief and sorrow of Imam Husain AS while proud parents watched and listened intently to the recitations.

The Majlis came to an end with the sweet melody of ‘Lakho Jaan Si Fida Thei Jau’ by the students of Raudhatul Atfal, expressing their love and devotion towards Maula TUS. Our most junior students of the Pre-primary Section – Raudhatul Atfal us Sighaar, recited the shahadat of Imam Husain AS bringing all present to rise to their feet for purjosh matam in halqa formation.