Nehlat Al-Imla 1440H

12th April 2019

Al Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA has stated:

“Understand that your efforts in learning Lisan al-Dawat, the language spoken by the Dai of your time, will bring about much barakaat in your lives. Therefore, all of you – men, women and children – should strive to attain proficiency in it, bearing in mind the plentiful hasanaat (merits) and good fortune it entails.”

In light of this bayan Mubarak and during the delicate media-based times of our era, where language has a great effect on our children’s thinking and behaviour, Al Madrasatus Saifiyahtul Burhaniyah Shabbirabad conducted a Lisan al-Dawat Spelling Bee called “Nehlatul Imla” for the Primary section to instill the importance of the language spoken by our Dai TUS and to attain barakaat, hasanaat and good fortune that it entails.

Two months prior to the competition, classes 1-4 were given 800 words to prepare from. Three elimination rounds took place in which 200 out of the 800 words were tested. Students prepared and participated with great zest and zeal after which the top six securing maximum marks from each class qualified for the final round.

On Friday April 12th, 2019 twenty four students competed individually amongst each other in a total of five rounds. Three words were asked in the first round and two words were asked in the remaining four.

After an exciting display of talent from all students, our “Super Spellers” from each class came out on top. Munira Mohammed Lanewala of STD 1, Mustansir Moiz Kapasi of STD 2, Hatim Sh. Mustafa Bharmal of STD 3 and Amatullah Murtaza Jivanjee of STD 4.

May we strive to attain proficiency in the language spoken by our Dai TUS and obtain the barakaat and hasanaat of His Ridah Mubarak in doing so and May Allah grant our Moula TUS a long healthy and prosperous life till the day of qayamat. Ameen.