Musabaqatu Zakereen Waz Zakeraat 1440H – 1441H

Students of AlMadrasa commemorate the days of Ashara Mubaraka Ohbat through various activities. Musabaqatu Zakereen waz Zakeraat was one such event that started from these days and continued throughout the days of Ashara Mubaraka and Chehlum of Imam Husain AS.

At its launch, students of STD 2-11 participated. On September 23rd and 24th, 170 students qualified from STD 4–11 and competed amongst each other to qualify for the second round.

On October 17th, 38 students that had qualified for the second round competed in Ewan e Mufaddal after morning assembly. Qualifiers were to select an enclosed chit which had ‘Na’at’, ‘Noha’ or ‘Madeh’ written on it and recite what they had prepared for from the category mentioned.

Students were permitted to recite solo, in pairs or as a team as per their discretion. A total of 5 teams, 3 pairs, and 22 students in solo recited the zikr of Awliyaullah evidently from the heart.

After close competition and careful consideration, 13 students reciting in solo, 2 teams and 1 pair qualified for the third round.

The third round brought everyone to the edge of their seats with 5 students in solo and 2 teams competing to secure the first position in the final round.

Final Round of this Musabaqat was held in collaboration with the final round of Ashara Mubaraka Quiz 1441H. To bring the suspense to an end, and for results of both Musabaqatu Zakereen and Ashara Mubaraka Quiz continue reading on our Ashara Mubaraka Quiz page!