Musabaqat For Hifz Ul Quran

7th February 2013

The uniqueness that sets MSB apart from other schools is the mere fact that HuzureAala (TUS) established Al-Madrasa for the taleem of Al-Quraan. Year after year the emphasis on Taleem and tahfeez il Quraan is eminent in HuzureAala (TUS)’s munajaat shareefah and khitabaat mubaraka.

Our objectives for this academic year evolve around the fact that the young students who are just beginning to learn the recitation of Al-Quraan, must learn it with correct pronunciations and ahkaam.

To promote this objective further, a recitation competition was held at the Primary level where each student had a chance to participate.

Three students from every class, with the best recitation upon the criteria set were selected to participate in the final round.

The decision in Class IV was a steep task as each student recited excellently.

Eventually one student from each class emerged amongst the winners.

The students left the hall in spiritually elated spirits with a pledge in each heart to yet do better at Hifz ul Qura’an.