MSBIANS Stand Out At The TKM Spelling Bee Contest

19th Feb 2012

The Toloba-ul-Kulliyaat-ul-Momineen had organized A spelling contest providing students from all over Karachi a platform for participation. It gives us great pleasure to share that the MSBIANS did a marvelous job at the TKM Bee at the Jamea Auditorium.

In the 13-15 round, our girls from class 10 Zainab Mandasaurwala and Umme Kulsoom Badri won out of more than 25 teams in that age category. They were the team with the highest points out of all the 75 teams. Maria Sadriwala and Ruqaiya Lokhandwala got third position for the same age category.

In the 16-18 age group our ex students Jumana Haidri and Munira Quettawala got the second position only after a long and grueling tiebreaker rounds.

All the MSB students showed exemplary confidence and grace and made us proud.