MSB-Shabbirabad At Sindh Governor House

Students of MSB Shabbirabad at the Sindh Governor house on 5th January, 2020 presented on water conservation by efficient use of rain water.

Students displayed their ideas using drip technology in irrigation, water harvesting on the domestic front and using the same rain water as the source of energy for generating hydroelectric power.

Students also mentioned how these technologies are practical to implement and support the infrastructure of the country. Various dignitaries attended the exhibit and were impressed and at the same time showed their concern about the impending water crisis looming over us.

The suggested methods for water conservation were impressively displayed with working turbines and water flow. This model and its active mechanisms assisted the students’ point of view and gave a clearer picture of their ideas to the viewer.

Simple yet effective tips were shared by the students which if adopted in our lifestyles can generate substantial results, ranging from the simple act of turning off the faucets while brushing teeth, to ensuring calculated use of water in our various domestic chores.