MSB Remembers Its Mentor And Rector

4th January 2013

The air was filled with an indescribable torrent of emotion and rush of gratitude as the students had not only gathered for a daily tilawat ud dua, but indeed the gathering was to commemorate the illustrious life of MSB’s rector and mentor , Al Muqadas Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohiyuddin Saheb . The students and staff had gathered exactly after a year of Shehzada Sahebs sad demise. The students joined into the qiraat of Sura e Yaseen as a hadya to Syedi Saheb (QR). The recitation from the Marasi of Ya Syed us Shohadai and Fulk ul Hussain were dedicated this morning in memory of Shehzada Saheb. His exemplary and illustrious life and his untiring devotion to Moula TUS’s khidmat was portrayed through a presentation which the students watched with rapt attention and awe. Our emotions and tears knew no bounds as a group of young MSB Zakireen recited the Marsiyah that Shehzada Sahebs beloved daughter Ad Durratul Maknoonah Ajab Baisaheba had written which in its simplicity of words expressed every minutiae of what each heart all over the world felt by the loss of Syedi Saheb. The air was soon accentuated by the very last words that Shehzada Saheb had penned on the momentous occasion of Aqa Moula TUS’s 100th Milaad Mubarak. The lines “Ai Huzaifa tu reh Sheh ki bun khaake paa” served as a statement that conveyed volumes beaconing us to perform khidmat and dedicate our lives to Moula (TUS) just as illoustrously Shehzada Saheb had done till his last breath.