MSB Receives The Sharaf Of Deedar At Burhani Mahal

Each day of Shehrullah dawned resplendent of barakaat as the haqiqi hilaal filled the expanse of our skies and every moment was a promise of abundance of bounties for the residents of Karachi.The students of Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah were amidst those fortunate who sat in the grounds of Burhani Mahal with their beautifully crafted tahani cards and dressed in attires befitting Eid awaiting Maulana Aali Qadr (TUS) to grace them with nazaraat and shifa.The children’s discipline was a fine display of the discipline that Al-Madrasa nurtures its students with as each student sat in place their gaze following Maula and each heart brimming with love for Maula and a single chorus of MAULA MAULA MUFADDAL MAULA filled the grounds of Burhani Mahal whilst every gaze conveyed the thirst of AI MAULA EIK NAZAR. Each student left the grounds feeling enriched that Maula (TUS) had gazed at them and filled them with barakaat that would last a life time and every heart beat with a single plea that may Maula live in the best of health till qiyamat.