Since the fateful day of 16th Rabi-ul Awwal, every momin’s heart aspires to embrace the divine turbats within the heaven’s of Raudhat Tahera. Whilst awaiting their fate to take them to this pristine hazrat, the students of MSB-Shabbirabad prepared two beautiful ghilaafs to embellish the qabr Mubarak of the Moulas who are the in the truest meaning “mowhibat” from Imam uz Zamaan (AS) to us.

The intricate details of golden embroidery on fresh pastel blue velvet fabric created a unique blend with the outstanding pink diamond appliquéd on it. The ghilaafs prepared by MSB-Shabbirabad was a fine blend of delicacy and art.
Flowers along the borders were sewed on adding on to its beauty and finesse. The students carried out the task with great zeal and their love and aqeedah was eminent as they worked meticulously upon it. Every child’s excitement to take part in the preparation of these ghilaaf Mubarak in their own little ways was unique and heartfelt.

Each student participated in this venture with a yearning that this ghilaaf Mubarak would take with it their sajadaat onto the turbat mubarakah of both Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)