The sun was out and the water felt cool.


It was time for a summer party by the pool!

Feet tucked in colorful flip flops with vibrant costumes stretched around little figures, the exhilarated bunch of nursery children came all set to beat the heat!

The party was thrown in the school’s garden area which offered us abundant space and warmth as it exactly called for. Also the overjoyed jumping crowd was perfectly accommodated in five big and small inflatable pools arranged on the grounds. The balloons, the balls and the guns, very well added to the little ones’ fun.

As the level of excitement reached heights, walks and talks changed to heavy stomps and gleeful squeals. Indeed the teachers ot guard felt intense euphoria that convinced them to jump into the pools to relax and enjoy.

However as the sun came right above heads, it was time to get dry and munch on mouthwatering snacks. Burgers, cake, chips and juice were all devoured by tiny, hungry stomachs that seemed to enjoy each and every bite!

Whistles and applaud for the co-ordinator Shireen ben, nursery teachers and helpers to have organised such a simple yet relaxing and joyful, wet and wild party!