MSB Gathers In Memory, In Respect, In Tribute & Homage

31st Jan 2012

With every transient day, memories of AlMuqaddas Shehzada Saheb Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb (QR) envelope and engulf MSB and every member of MSB, whether student, teacher, Masool, management, trustee or chairman.

The threshold, the magnificent gates of MSB all remember Shehzada Sahebs presence, care and concern time and again.

In respect and as a tribute to our rector As Syed-ul-Ajal- Al-Muqaddas Shehzada Saheb, the management, the trustees, the staff and the students met at Evan e Mufaddal. This meet was presided over by Al-hud-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb who had been fortunate to have enjoyed a long association with Al-Muqaddas Shehzada Saheb during his tenure of khidmat.

After the recitation of Qur’an e Majeed and verses from the Marasi Shareefah, a pictorial presentation of Shehzada Sahebs brief yet commendable life in khidmat filled the screen complemented by an appropriate description by one of the Muraquibs.

The students from the Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary represented their colleagues with word in memory of As-Syed-ul-Ajal. The Masools from both premises shared the advice that Shehzada Saheb had given them. A representative from the staff of both premises and the Head muraquib paid their tribute in verses in English, Lisan-ud-dawat and Arabic.

Janaab Aamil Saheb Sh Mustafa Bhai Jack, who had also been Masool at MSB during Shehzada Sahebs last visit shared memories of the precious moments spent with Shehzada Saheb on his last night before his demise. Janaab Aamil Saheb Sh Taher Bhai Rasheed spoke of how deeply saddened HuzureAala (TUS) had been on the loss of his illustrious Shehzada. Al-hud-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb shared Shehzada Sahebs concern over the turmoil in the country and his meticulously planning every minute detail for HuzureAala (TUS) to grace this land with His August Presence.

Tears flowed incessantly as memories of Shehzada Saheb kept flashing like a kaleidoscope within each heart.

The meet came to an end on the lines that Shehzada Saheb had written during the celebration of 100th Milaad. The lines which were his last salaam to the illustrious Dai al Fatemi from an illustrious Abd and an illustrious son.