MSB Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence

12th August 2011


The environment in the school was a display of fine patriotism as students wearing badges, carrying flags, wearing head gears  and sashes  and staff specially dressed in hues and shades of green filled into it premises.

The Pre-Primary students in their morning presentation during Tilawat-ud-Dua filled the air with the melodious sounds of milli naghmas.

The Primary portrayed their “jazba” and their love for the country through a program which was a combination of skits and speeches and nazams.

The Secondary students spoke in both the international language and the national language and shared their thoughts about making Pakistan a better place.

The flag hoisting was the grand tiara to the events of the entire day. The sparkle in the students’ eyes as they watched the flag rise high amidst the national anthem, was a reflection of Rasulullah (SAW)’s hadees

Hubbul watane minal imaan.