MSB Celebrates Milaad In An Array Of Joy And Happiness

6th Mar 2012

The sun rose offering Tehniyat on 6th March 2012, the birds sang Madeh merrily and all creation
wished Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS a happy birthday.
The air was filled with festivity at the MSB Shabbirabad premises too on this day and the entire
school busied in different ways, each action a demonstration of their love for their beloved
The day began with a Darees Mubarak with the neeyat of Huzoorala’s TUS Toolul Umr after
which a five tier cake ceremony delighted the children as the air resounded with the sounds
of “101mi Milad Ki Yeh Baha, Ho Mubarak Mubarak Mubarak Shaha” which
instantaneously brought forth memories of Al Muqaddas Shahzada Huzefa Bhaisaheb. The
children dressed in grand Libaas ul Anwar clapped in merriment as every heart wished that Maula
TUS may grace the land of Karachi soon.
At 9.00 am the Primary section program was initiated with the Tilawat of Quran e Majeed by
Naqiya Mustansir of Class 2 and recitation of Qasida Mubaraka. This was followed by the moving
recitation of Marasi Shareefa of Ya Sayedus Shohadai and Fulkul Husain by the young children of
Class 1 and 2. Grade two also recited the Dua for Huzoorala’s TUS Toolul Umr. An exciting quiz
was held between the students of the four houses,Adal, Sabr, Yaqeen and Jihad. The highlight
of the event was the enactment of a play on Faizul Mawaid ul Burhani by the young students of
Class 4 which succeeded in making us grateful for the numerous blessings of this resplendent
Burhani era.

The Upper Primary and Secondary classes held their tehniyat activities in the first half:

Class/Sec Activity Instructor
VA Satin Ribbon flowers Aiman Ben Fakhruddin
VB Bookmarks Umme Hani Ben
VI A Block printing on hankerchiefs Tasneem Ben Murtaza
VI B Sharbat for guests Tahera Ben Hazari
VII A CD purses Aimen Ben Ghulam Abbas
VII B Thali decoration Arwa Ben Ajmerwala
VIII A Vegetable carving display Umme Salama Ben Haryanawala
VIII B Pot painting display Insiya Ben Hazari
IX, X, XI Girls Ceramic flowers display Fatema ben Gain
IX, X, XI Boys Gift wrapping Moiz Bhai

Displayed under a canopy in the courtyard for parents to view, were the creative items that the
students had prepared presenting the skills they had acquired during co-curricular activities.

Also exhibited were the 52 best photographs selected as part of the Photography Competition
arranged at MSB to encourage the amateur photographers in the Secondary section. Out of the
200 entries received, the first 10 and the best 52 photographs were exhibited revolving around the
theme of Fatemi Architecture featured in Masajids and community buildings in Karachi.
The Musabeqats of the Upper Primary and Secondary began at 11:45 in Evan e Muffadal with Al-
Hud-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janab Mustansir Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb as the Chief Guest; invitees
included the parents of the children of the Upper Primary and Secondary. After the Tilawat of
Quran e Majeed by Zainab Multanwala of Class 6 and recitation of Qasida Mubarak by the senior
girls, the Musabeqat of Quran e Majeed was held between Jihad and Yaqeen. The teams
were quizzed on the detailed nuances of Hifzul Quran which they attempted splendidly. Jihad was
triumphant in this thrilling contest.
The Musabaqat of Marasiya of Ya Sayedus Shohada was held between two houses ———-Adal
and Sabr in which Adal materialized as the winner after a neck to neck contest. This Marasiya
penned by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA has been memorized by 63 students in the Upper
Primary and Secondary at MSB.
Majlis-ul-Rawzatil-Adabil-Fatemi where the student teams met at the ever-popular challenge of
Qafiya which was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators and the participants both as Jihad and
Yaqeen competed for first position in which Yaqeen surfaced as the victor.

The Musabaqat of Fulkul Husain between Sabr and Jihad was an exciting sight as Sabr emerged
victorious. 75 students have memorized this exquisite and poignant elegy inscribed by Aqa Maula
Syedna Mohammed Buhanuddin TUS in memory of the tragedy of Karbala.

The programs were punctuated by the recitation of madeh written by the students of classes 5 to
11 themselves which they rendered in their soulful voices resounding with love for Moula (TUS)
that lay deep embedded within their hearts.

The winning teams were awarded shields for their effort and splendid performance. The colourful
and enlightening program ended with the recitation of a Madeh by the girls of class 6.
The festivities of the day came to a close with the barakat of Niaz.