MSB Celebrates Milaad E Meavi At Burhani Mahal

7 Mar 2011


The 7th of March was a day that our little students and the staff in the Pre-Primary and Primary section will remember for a very long time.

Amidst all merriment and joy the students along with their teachers with little bouquets and a gigantic hand made card ,measuring 100 cm x 100 cm made in wax by the MSB Staff and a large birthday cake embarked on their journey to Burhani Mahal to celebrate Moula (TUS)’s Milaad e Meavi and His birthday by the Gregorian calendar.

Ad-Durratul Maknoonah Behensaheba Habiba Behensaheba (Aqa Moula (TUS)’s granddaughter) graciously consented to come and grace this occasion with her presence.

The students dressed in their best arrived at the serene grounds of Burhani Mahal. The horizon was a kaleidoscope of colour as the students set off colourful balloons in honour of Behensaheba’s arrival. The programme commenced with the recitation of Al-Qur’an e Majeed.

The students recited madeh in all three languages that are taught at this level, Lisaan ud Dawat ,Urdu and a poem in English.

The students presented their bouquets and felicitations to Behnsaheba after the cake cutting ceremony.

Behnsaheba graced the occasion with her word of advice to the young students about the acquisition of knowledge stressing upon the fact of performing the khidmat of Dawat and Aqa Moula (TUS).

The children went into the grounds of the main Mahal (Aqa Moula’s residency) with a wish in their heart that may they return to this august dwelling and do deedar of their beloved Moula (TUS).

The students returned back to school with memories of these joyful celebration etched deep in their hearts.