MSB At The National Museum

10th May 2012

The visit to the National Museum for the Class III’s turned out into a fun filled excursion as the excited students clambered into their vans and left the school premises

Upon entering the museum the students were astonished to see the huge relic photographs of the ancient civilizations of Pakistan like Moen-jo-daro, Makli, forts like Hiran-e-Minar that led them deep into the history of Pakistan.

The pre- historic era and the stone age times were a sight to see.

The students were further amazed as they walked through the coinage room where they saw coins that dated as early as the 1st Century and had been collected from various excavation sites all around Pakistan.

The hand carved graves which were distinctively crafted differently for the men folks and the women were an added discovery for the students.

The Museum was also ground for the display for an enormous handwritten Quran in Kufi script which was as old as from the 4th Century

The Gandhara civilization was another fascinating place to see and learn about its existence

The students returned to school enriched and enlightened from this visit with a sense of pride upon the rich heritage that their homeland possesses.