MSB At The Dolphin Show

6th & 7th March 2014

The Dolphin Show news had created quite a stir of excitement throughout the city. To enable students to enjoy this experience MSB arranged to take the students for the Dolphin Show. The decision to arrange this show was keeping in mind the fundaments that govern the MSB educating and nurturing process which emerges from the Quraan where Allah has stated the importance of pondering into nature and its creation. The Primary students went there on 6th March and the Pre-primary students followed the next day whilst the Secondary patiently await their turn after the mammals are rested and ready to put up a show once again.

The show was home to a three-metre-long white Beluga whale which travelled all the way from Moscow. The toothed-grace Stephen, weighing about one and a half tonne put forth a fine display as it responded to its trainer Inga Strekach, a Ukrainian who has been a marine mammal trainer for 20 years.

The bottlenosed dolphin named Bauris, was 16 years old whereas the Patagonian sea lion called Memo, was 12 years old. Fouad Sharif, an Egyptian trainer who has come to Pakistan for the first time, said that the animals were absolutely friendly and playful .With music playing in the background, the dolphin and the sea lion carried out different tasks and acrobatic moves amid thunderous applause from the crowd.

The dolphins performance attracted public attention with its frequent jumps, tail-walking and perfect acts of balancing a big ball on its nose and, then, carrying a small ball in its flippers and bringing it to its trainer, who rewarded it with fish on every action.

“It was simply wonderful to see the show as it helped educate the students and provided a real life experience to actually see the mammals the students had only heard about and seen in pictures.