6 Oct 2011


SUPARCO celebrates WORLD SPACE WEEK every year and MSB participates at its various competitions year after year.

This year under the constant supervision of our staff, five students participated at their water rocket competition. Out of which Sarrah Malirwala, a student of MSB in IX ‘O’ Levels qualified to participate in their final event which was held on Thursday, 6th October 2011

The event was held at SUPARCO Institute of Technical training. Our zealous participant, accompanied by an entourage of supporters and supervisors arrived promptly at the venue. The participants were required to make three water rockets for the practice round and the other two for the scoring rounds within three hours and then launch them at the aim which had been specified at a particular distance. The making of the water rockets started at 9:30 am and the launching was held at 1.30 after a brief break. Our participant from MSB, made it through the practice round, which was the first among the three rounds, accurately at the aim.

The results of the competition were declared after the competition and all the participants were presented certificates along with their models and prizes.