16th Jan 2011


Walking through the grand gates after years filled hearts with memories of once upon a time. The get to gather commenced with Tilawat-ul Qura’an by a student who had gone to Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah and had further been certified as Hafiz-ul-Qura’an. The students who had completed their education and ventured into the business community recited Qasida Mubarakah and the Zakireen amongst them recited Marsiya.

The grounds of MSB reverberated with HuzureAala(TUS)’s Kalemaat Nooraniyah on several occasions where He has described MSB as a tree whose seeds He has carefully sown Himself and dua for the tree to flourish and grow.

Al-Masool Sh Ammar Bhai shared a presentation which was followed by video clips of interviews with MSB Alumni world wide about how the education and the holistic approach to the development of a Moomin Mukhlis had served in shaping their carrier and lives at large.

Inspired and invigorated the alumni, discussed and shared their resolutions and visions with their colleagues and left the grounds with a promise in every soul.