More Awards Come MSB’s Way

29th April 2012

Within the serene cool atmosphere of the Jamea auditorium where As Syed ul Ajal Wal Humam ul Mubajjal Siqat–ud-Dawat-ut Tayebiyah, Al-Aleem-ul-Bar’e Ameer ul Jamea-tis- Saifiyah Shehzada Qasim Bhaisaheb Hakimuddin Saheb (DM) addressed a gathering of Al-Jamiat-us-Saifiya-tul-Markaziyah and a group of professionals.

The gathering was an apt ground for the declaration of the results of competitions that the Burhani Professional Association had announced to discover and celebrate the talents amongst the community, which Shehzada Saheb during his discourse a few moments ago had proclaimed as “Aainda nu Lashkar”.

The competitions were Madeh composition, Poetry Writing, Essay Writing and Emblem Making. The First prize for Poetry competition was won by a student of Class VIII Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima Ramakrawala and the first Prize for the emblem making competition was won by a student from the Alumni Abdeali Sh Khuzaima Ramakrawala who finished his basic education from MSB and is currently pursuing medicine from JMDC.

The winners were awarded shields by Shehzada Saheb (DM) as he gazed upon them with shafaqat and a dua that may these young students continue to prosper and progress in leaps and bounds into the world in the saya mubarak of our beloved Moula (TUS) with a single conviction always, Aqa Moula(TUS)’s ridha Mubarak.