Mohatta Palace

The visit to Mohatta’s Palace Museum on 3rd March 2010. for Classes VII, VIII and IX O Levels  was  an integration of enjoyment, education and learning. They developed a skilled eye for appreciating the art and beauty of historical Empires.

The architectures and designs of the Mughal rulers along with all the heritage of different provinces of Pakistan was depicted in the displays at Mohatta Palace. The palace has eight rooms. Each room has a unique display of historical splendor, ranging from ceramics to pottery making. As an added benefit when the students  visited the museum, there was an ongoing exhibition of tiles and ceramics. The exhibition showcases the history and development of ceramic crafts in Pakistan from Mehrgarh c. 7000 B.C. and the Indus Valley Civilizations c. 3500 B.C. to the present day. It features over four hundred historical objects borrowed from the Quetta Museum, the Sindh Provincial Museum, the Department of Archaeology (Punjab), the Department of Culture (Sindh) and the National Museum of Pakistan together with private collections.

The ambiance of the palace is such that it has an area of 18, 599 sq. feet and its façades are adorned with windows, stone brackets, spandrels, domes, balustrades, carved floral motifs and railings. It consists of stately rooms designed originally for entertainment on the ground floor and more private facilities on the first floor with a balcony facing the Arabian Sea. An elegant configuration of five domes adorns the rooftop while octagonal towers stand proudly at the corners. The trip to the palace no wonder was a source of great inspiration to students not only for the subject of history but for overall integration and definitely instigated in them the vigor to know and acquire more knowledge.