Mithi Shitabi At MSB

20th March 2014

Every month on the Hijri calendar bears its own uniqueness. The Month of Jumadal Uwal brings with its mithi shitabies on the niyat of Moulatena Fatema (AS) and Her Fatemi Dai whose resplendent era bears barakaat in abundance for all Momineen around the globe.

Since MSB takes up the responsibility of the holistic development of a Momin child, it also inculcates the cultural values within the child.

MSB had organized a Mithi Shitabi for all the girl students and a salawaat niyaaz for the boys at

Iwan e Mufaddal

during school time. The Majlis was presided over by Behensaheba Rashida Behensaheba Maimoon . The students and the staff recited the Majlis aided by the screen projection. The Majlis ended with a reverberation of “Ai Moula Eik nazar, Ai Aqa eik nazar”and each heart present beat with a single dua that may this Fatemi Dai Syedna Mufadal Saifuddin live in the shanaat of Fatema (AS)’s shafa’at till Qiyamat.

Delicious salwaat jaman followed and the students went home with little tokens as memoirs from the Mithi Shitabi at school.