Mithi Shitabi At MSB

2nd April 2012

Niyaaz once a month at MSB is part of our nurturing students and strongly considered part of the curriculum here at MSB. Students and staff all sit together in 95 thaals in the evaan e Mufaddal.

The niyaaz for Jamadil Awwal , a month of Moulatena Fatema AS shahadat was presented in the form of a mithi shitabi. Verses of Marasi Shareefa were recited followed by the recitation of verses dedicated to Moulatena Fatema AS written by the Fatemi Dai Syedna Taher Saifuddin. The students recited the mithi shitabi after which they got into their thaals where the meal as per culture and tradition started with gol (jaggery) and roti.

The students took home bookmarks with Moulatena Fatema AS’s fazilat inscribed on each as a memoir of the mithi shitabi in dua for our beloved Moula (TUS) the fountain of bounties that we MSBIANS and Momineen at large enjoy in His saya Mubarakah.