Merry Time At The Museum

To add to the list of the little one’s hands on experience, the Pre Primary section was taken on a jaunt to the Maritime Museum as a part of the water transport project.

‘Row row, row your boat gently down the stream’……
It began with a thrilling boat ride in the lake. As the boats toddled and swayed through the water, the little sailors could be heard squealing with delight.

‘Down down, deep in the submarine…..’
Next in line stood the giant, black, underwater ship all ready to be explored. While some older children looked super excited to be inside, a few also got intimidated by the huge size and the dark, spooky colour. The teachers made sure to impart information about each water vehicle explored. Likewise, the little brains came up with questions that showed their extreme inquisitiveness.

‘Aeroplane aeroplane where do you fly……..’
In the corner stood a lonely aeroplane which had longed for passengers for quite some time. However, as it heard the stomping feet and joyful glee, its day was made. While each seat had bodies tucked in comfortably, orders were made for the aeroplane to fly but sadly it was too old to fullfil their wish.

The walk and the talk had made the children super hungry. Sandwiches and juice were enjoyed thoroughly and to school returned nourished minds and bodies.

A day well spent, a day to be cherished by the young sailors!