Mehendi At MSB

13th february 2013

Mehendi on the palms is a clear indication of festivity and joy. The air at MSB was filled with merriment as 194 little girls of the Pre-Primary and Primary filed into the halls to have their little hands adorned with mehendi.

The occasion had more depth than just the simplicity of the joy of mehendi, as amidst the directives from HuzureAala (TUS) and Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) for this Milaad and ayaam ut ta’abudaat il Mubarakah are “Al-amal” which has been based upon a Hadees shareef where Rasulullah (SAW) summons us towards Al-amal.

One of the directives is to offer namaaz at its best. For this there are several conditions that one must adhere to and fulfill. The application of mehendi to the palms is also amidst the actions that Moula (TUS) beckons us to, therefore the joys of it doubled as it converted into ibadat.