Mega General Knowledge Quiz Program In The Primary

3rd May 2014

Evaan e Mufaddal was stage for a fun filled event consisting of seven rounds all of a different topic both exciting and informative. The program commenced with Tilawat e Qur’an e Majeed, followed by Marsiyah Sharifa and the recitation of the verses of  Qasida mubarakah  in the zikr of Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA).

The quiz began between the four Houses with “Akhbar-ud-Dawat” as our first round. The questions were related to history and recent events of Dawat-e-Fatimiyah. The next round was “4 pictures one word”, a buzzer round where teams were required to unscramble jumbled letters to guess a single word for the four pictures given. The third round was all about “logos”. Every single participant got a chance to guess a logo belonging to food brands, T.V channels, social media and automobiles. The next three rounds were Question/Answer rounds ranging from “Brain Teasers” and riddles to “Rapid Fire”, covering a vast area of general knowledge of all around the world, and lastly “Spinning the Wheel”, covering four topics i.e. plants, animals, colours and human body. All these rounds were technically supported either by buzzers or timers .Last but not the least was a “Pictionary” round where our expert artists illustrated on P.C Tablets and the team members guessed the answers.

The entire program was a fine display of different skills acquired by  our young talented students here at MSB in every walk of life. The ADL team came through as the jubilant winners of this event.

The team spirit of the entire Primary Staff and the collaboration of the I.T Department was eminent in the success of this program.

The students and the parents all departed from Evan e Mufaddal with joyous countenances indicating contentment over the days learnings.