Medical Checkup At MSB

7th October – 25th October 2013

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” The same is our motto here at MSB. Medical routine checkups are part of MSB’s annual calendar and programs to ensure that the MSBIANS are all in the best of health.

Just as we do every year, MSB sent out forms for parents to fill and furnish us with their child’s personal information. The information included the child’s birth history, milestones, vaccination history and medical and surgical history.

The Art room and the science laboratories were transformed into mini checkup stations as a team of medical practitioners from the Burhani Hospital and Saifee Hospital graciously conducted a thorough general physical screening of every student from Nursery to Class XI. They also addressed symptomatic issues to the best that they could.

The team also prescribed medication and remedial plans for common ailments and some students were referred for further evaluation and treatment.

The efforts of both the teams called for great appreciation and gratitude as they arrived promptly for the checkups day in and day out allowing MSB to achieve its annual target.