Medical Checkup 2005-2006

Medical Checkup is organized every year in Al Madrasa to monitor and maintain the health record of a child. The objective is to ensure that the child remains healthy throughout the initial stages of his life. Through these checkups minor and major health problems are diagnosed and referred for further treatment. It is very essential for teachers to be aware of the medical problems faced by any student in her classroom, as the student spends around eight hours daily in school. His/her awareness of the child’s health can really make a difference and it is also in cases of emergency.

Academic year 2001-2002

A general Medical Checkup was Dr.Hanif Saeed, Dr Zafar Baqai and Dr. Jamshed with their paramedical staff. It was a routine health check including height and weight, and throat and abdomen checkup. A pre information form was designed and given to parents to compile vital information related to child’s birth and medical history before the checkup.

Academic year 2002- 2003

A specialized checkup was conducted with general checkup. The panel included Eye specialist Dr.Irfan Zafar, Dentist Dr. Irfan Khaliq, ENT specialist Dr.Ismail Hirani, Child Specialist Dr.Jalal Akber and two paramedics. Hemoglobin level and Blood group were also tested. During checkup one child of Class VIII was diagnosed with a hole in his heart and was operated on doctor’s recommendation and another child of Pre primary was also diagnosed with a major disease. Pre information forms and medical reports were given to the parents.

Academic year 2003- 2004

Hepatitis-B Vaccination for teachers and students was arranged. During medical checkup of Academic year 2002-2003 we had noted that many students of Al Madrasa had not been vaccinated tor Hepatitis-B. The doctors on the panel also recommended that this should be done on first priority. As a follow up Hepatitis-B Vaccination was arranged in Al Madrasa. Injerix B vaccine which is the best was bought directly from GlaxoSmithKline on discounted rates. Three dozes were administerd on 29th Sept 03, 24th Oct 03 and 24th March the cost of Rs 315/- per doze from adult and 210 Rs/- per doze from students aged below 16. For this vaccine the charges are higher in market. A vaccination card was also issued.

Academic Year 2005-2006

Al Madrasa organized the Medical Checkup in collaboration with Saifee Hospital. A circular was sent to parents informing them about the checkup on 10th of August. A Pre Medical Form requiring the details of vaccination, past illnesses, family history and known allergies was attached with the circular which had to be filled by the parents. This information is of vital importance while examining students.
The checkup commenced from Tuesday 16th of August and continued till 20th of September. During this period Saifee Hospital sent a dedicated team of well qualified doctors including pediatrics and paramedic staff daily for about two hours, who examined 650 students from Nursery to Class X.
The checkup started with the vital recording of height, weight, temperature, pulse, blood pressure and blood group by the paramedic staff.
After this the doctors conducted the general and systemic examination, in which they examined the chest, vision, oral cavity, teeth, nails and different body systems like circulatory, respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous system. For minor ailments doctors gave treatment and prescribed medicine. Some students were advised special tests and consultation which was mentioned by doctors in the remarks column.
A student of Class V with an extremely short height was advised by Dr Quaid Joher, a pediatric in Saifee Hospital to take a test conducted in Jinnah Hospital. The test normally costs 10,000 Rs, but in collaboration with Saifee Hospital and with reference of Dr Quaid Joher it was conducted free. The blood samples taken in the test have been sent to London for examination and the report will arrive after three months. The test was conducted with Aqa Moula’s Raza Mubarak and Inshallah the child will get Shifa.

Typhoid Vaccination

Typhoid is a major disease causing more than 600,000 deaths annually in the world. In the sub-continent, annual incidence of typhoid fever ranges from 700 to 1000 cases per 100,000 persons. The major source of transmission is contaminated food and water. In Pakistan, water represents the most common source of transmission for Typhoid.
Vaccination is recommended to prevent Typhoid fever and to protect our children from this mortal disease. The vaccine Typherix, manufactured by Glaxosmith Kline and imported from Belgium, is safe and highly reliable. Al Madrasa in collaboration with Saifee Hospital also arranged for Typhoid vaccination in the school during Medical Checkup. On special discounted rates for school, the vaccination charges were Rs 250 only, although the rates are much higher in the market. A circular with the consent letter was sent to the parents on 10th of August. There was a very good response.
Vaccination was arranged on Monday 22nd of August. A well experienced and professional team of GlaxoSmithKline arrived at 9:30 am in the morning, and by 3:00 pm they had vaccinated 289 students and 6 teachers. Some students from Preprimary and Primary section were reluctant and hesitant and even started crying when their turn came, but the vaccination team was very skillful and experienced in handling this kind of situation. While one member talked lovingly with the students, in the meantime the other member injected the vaccine in such a manner that the child did not know.
Overall with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS everything went smoothly and the Medical Checkup ended on 20th of September. The Medical report of each student will be filed in their personal record files. A copy of this report will be sent home to the parents.
We express our utmost gratitude to the Management of Saifee Hospital and the team of their doctors and paramedics who devoted their precious time for Al Madrasa’s Medical Checkup. Jazahumullaho Afzalal Jazaa.
May Allah grant our Moula a long healthy and prosperous life. Ameen.